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With 25+ years of experience in rugged IT we share our knowledge in guides, blogs, customer cases, and more. Learn how to increase productivity, how you can benefit from using rugged equipment, get buying tips and read customer cases.


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Choose the right supplier for reliable rugged computers in ports

Port container terminals keep the world’s supply chain moving. Each one is a carefully choreographed operation and any chink...

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Three secrets to securing comfort for users of rugged computers in ports

It’s no secret that happy workers optimize operations whatever your line of business. But what can you do to...

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What is rugged design and why do you need it?

“Fit for purpose” is a simple but very powerful concept. The right tools designed the right way for the...

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Buying rugged computers – five ways to get it right

Ever bought a shirt in a rush and regretted it later? You bought it from the nearest store because...

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Boost network connectivity at your container port

Container ports depend on technology to be competitive and digitalization is opening up new ways to maximize the efficiency...

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The container terminal OPCSA future-proofs its operation with new rugged computers

“The service and speed we get with JLT has surprised us. They can deliver faster than local suppliers and...

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How to tune your IT system to boost productivity in your port

When a container port is operating at its highest productivity level it’s like a well-orchestrated symphony. Port vehicles, ocean-going...

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Missed throughput? Computer breakdown could be the cause

Throughput can make or break a container port. With business-critical IT systems providing the backbone to operations, everything needs...

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How to approach port automation to really drive up throughput

Keeping the world’s supply chain moving means every second really does count. Ports base their success on the amount...

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The 3 most important considerations when selecting a PC for extreme operating conditions

It can be hard to estimate the true cost of IT failures that cause unplanned interruptions in your operation...

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Customization is king – when it comes to rugged computing one size rarely fits all

All businesses operate differently, and sometimes the standard solutions available on the market don’t fully address the specific challenges....

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The 3 hottest trends shaping today’s rugged PC industry

Like all technology-based sectors, rugged computing is evolving quickly as technology advances bring better functionality, increased reliability and lower...

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What is rugged? Part 2: Essential rugged features not in the standards

This is the second part of our article on What is Rugged? See part one, covering some of the specifications...

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