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Services for smooth operations

The performance of rugged equipment depends on much more than the devices. Many different factors affect how things run – from IT infrastructure and physical layout of premises to software systems and mobile device management. We have developed a range of services to take care of all these issues, giving you maximum performance with minimum hassle.


We go the extra mile

We’re committed to making your rugged equipment work for you and deliver measurable results for your business. To do that, we help you with virtually every aspect of the ecosystem. That can mean anything from working around the complications of existing IT infrastructure and software systems, to adjusting for challenging building layouts, or ensuring a reliable installation and seamless integration. After deployment, we can support you in managing and maintaining the installed equipment to ensure maximum up-time and productivity.

Whatever it takes to ensure your rugged solution delivers the performance you need.

How can we support you?

Easy deployment and fast start-up

Choosing the right rugged equipment is only one step in creating an efficient operation. We help you all the way with know-how to optimize equipment deployment and shorten startup times.

  • Onsite pre-installation services, including site surveys, inspections and network analysis to ensure you get the optimal solution
  • Development of custom accessories, images, bios, and firmware to enable smooth deployment and efficient operation
  • Delivery and kitting services to accelerate deployment, including bundling of mounting gear, cables, and other accessories, factory installed SW, custom OS, and more
  • Deployment services and project management to ensure a safe and reliable equipment installation
  • Staff training to reduce learning curve and accelerate ramp-up

All equipment covered, all the time

When the equipment is installed and in operation, it’s all about uptime. Our maintenance and product life cycle services ensure your equipment, and your operation, continue to run reliably.

  • JLT:Care no-question-asked service agreements at a predictable and budgetable cost
  • Monitoring services to prevent unplanned downtime and maximize uptime
  • Mobile device management (MDM) and preventive service to alleviate unplanned downtime
  • Easy-to-use online asset management tool, JLT RepairEngine*
  • Call service center*
*Available in the US

Easy and cost-effective repair management

Simplify management and maintenance of all your IT products and related hardware easily and cost-effectively by selecting JLT for all your service and repair needs – regardless of brand or manufacturer. We promise you first-class support and fast turnaround times.

  • 24/7 RMA registration and tracking of repairs
  • Onsite repairs or training of your staff for self-maintenance
  • We handle rugged computers and tablets from most manufacturers, as well as third-party products such as barcode scanners and label printers

Your business needs in focus

We help you streamline processes and boost productivity.

  • Financing options, including leasing, rental, and partner factoring
  • Keeping dedicated product stock for guaranteed availability with short lead time
  • Removal and recycling of replaced equipment

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