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25 years of making communications work

Meeting your challenges through technology and experience

Our story starts in 1994. The Internet was new. Industrial computers were basic and 3G was still a dream. Over the following decades, JLT pioneered the rugged computing market. By taking design and quality to new levels, we brought the possibilities of computing to industries where a typical office machine might last just minutes.

Today we are Sweden’s largest PC manufacturer, with over 100,000 computers shipped worldwide. But our mission remains the same as ever: we’re here to empower customers’ business by enabling hassle-free data communication in challenging environments.

Full control over quality

We believe details make all the difference when it comes to rugged devices. That’s why we have our own engineering and manufacturing facilities in Sweden, enabling us to control every aspect of production with high precision. The result is quality you can count on without question.

We go further for you

JLT combines global resources with the agility of a small company. We take great pains to understand your operation and setup, and we go further than anyone to secure the performance you want.

The performance of a rugged device is highly dependent on the ecosystem around it; everything from building layout to IT infrastructure plays a part. We understand all the complications and we’re focused on solving them for you.

Drawing on years of experience and leading technical knowledge, we empower your business and keep your operations running smoothly.

What are your challenges? Let’s talk.

The JLT advantage

Quality in every detail

We control the production process from start to finish with own engineering and manufacturing facilities.

We know rugged

25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing rugged IT has enabled us to set the standard in rugged computing.

World-class support

We always go the extra mile to meet your needs and ensure high performance of every delivery.

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