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With 25+ years of experience in rugged IT we share our knowledge in guides, blogs, customer cases, and more. Learn how to increase productivity, how you can benefit from using rugged equipment, get buying tips and read customer cases.


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Purpose-built devices, developed from the ground up with the use case in mind

At JLT Mobile Computers, forklift and vehicle mounted computers are in our wheelhouse. We learned early on that focus...

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The importance of testing rugged computers in your business’ environment

Buying rugged devices means investing in reliable IT equipment that improves a business’s daily operations and productivity. To achieve that, an important step to take before buying...

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Ensure the right rugged devices for your operations – try before you buy!

Rugged devices are made to withstand harsh working conditions, and we engineer, manufacture, and test our own devices so...

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GMS vs. Non-GMS and other Android topics

Interested in the Android realm but not sure what’s best? Watch our free webinar on topics such as GMS...

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Getting the most from your rugged computers

In the landscape of manufacturing, warehousing and transport, investing in rugged devices is an important move that can significantly...

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How to choose and buy the right rugged computers for your business

With hundreds, or even thousands of rugged devices on the market to choose from it can be hard to...

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The importance of testing: How rugged are your devices?

If you’re considering buying rugged IT, the evaluation of different products needs to be based on what kind of...

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Maximize up-time and control cost with the right service agreement

Leading companies around the world trust JLT for the most reliable and high-performing rugged devices on the market. But...

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What to consider when migrating your rugged IT to Android

More and more companies within the industrial space are looking into the possibilities of choosing Android OS for their...

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Buying rugged computers – five ways to get it right

Ever bought a shirt in a rush, only to regret it later? You grabbed the first one you saw...

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A “no questions asked” service agreement sounds like a dream!? We’ve made it a reality

For rugged devices you can usually purchase an optional service agreement, to help make life easier for you as...

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Common mistakes in rugged computer RFPs

RFPs are designed to result in the most cost-competitive solution for a business. However, sometimes an ineffective process can...

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Choose the right supplier for reliable rugged computers in ports

Port container terminals keep the world’s supply chain moving. Each one is a carefully choreographed operation and any chink...

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The container terminal OPCSA future-proofs its operation with new rugged computers

“The service and speed we get with JLT has surprised us. They can deliver faster than local suppliers and...

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Try before you buy – the importance of testing rugged devices

It’s easy to buy a product based on the specification and think it will be fit for purpose, but...

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Windows versus Android – the battle of the OS

Rugged computers generally come with one of two operating systems (OS) – Windows or Android. In the realm of...

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Save time and money with custom imaging on your fleet of rugged computers

Custom imaging sets a base configuration for all your devices that encourages your staff to stay on task and...

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Buying rugged devices – common mistakes and the importance of testing

When it’s time to buy rugged computers what’s the most important thing? Of course, you need devices that will...

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Choose the right solution provider

Today we base our purchasing decisions on much more than just the product. A list of features is no...

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What to think about before you buy new rugged computers

Whether it’s your first step into digitalization or you’re upgrading your existing solution, buying rugged computers is often a...

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Buying rugged devices – make sure to consider everything that matters!

Here at JLT we build products that cope with all the dust, vibration, temperature changes and shocks you can...

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What you need to know about Windows 10 IoT in the rugged computing space

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s concept for the future of consumer and business operating systems, replacing all previous versions of...

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