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GMS vs. NON-GMS and other Android topics

Interested in the Android realm but not sure what’s best? Watch our free webinar on topics such as GMS vs. NON-GMS, learn about the new JLT6012A and why you should care, and hear the answers to some common Android questions answered directly by a JLT rugged product development engineer.

Covered in the webinar:

  • Quick introduction to JLT Mobile Computers
  • Presenting the JLT6012A
  • GMS and NON-GMS (or AOSP) options: What to use & when
    • Android Enterprise and API
    • Enrollment types
    • SOTI certification
  • Control Panel and System Updater overview
  • Q&A with Richard Andersen, former JLT Development Engineer


Although you’ve missed the live webinar, you can now watch the recorded version by filling out the form with your contact details.

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