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Choose the right supplier for reliable rugged computers in ports

Port container terminals keep the world’s supply chain moving. Each one is a carefully choreographed operation and any chink in their armor or break in the chain can cause costly delays and unhappy customers. Ports depend on reliability, especially from their rugged computers.

How reliable rugged computers boost productivity

Unreliable rugged computers can lead to several negative consequences. Productivity drops as time is wasted trying to get devices to work and your staff become frustrated, leading to your operation missing its targets. On the other hand, reliable rugged computers can bring about positive outcomes – increased efficiency, a happier workforce and achieved objectives. I think it’s obvious which one most businesses would prefer.

At JLT we understand the difference reliability can make to terminal ports. We develop and design our rugged mobile computers, also known as vehicle mounted terminals (VMTs), inhouse to bring you devices that meet your specific needs. In fact, we developed our latest 10-inch model in response to the cramped vehicle cabs used in ports. Keeping research and development in-house means we can offer superior quality and flexibility.

However, sometimes electronics can go wrong and even the most reliable devices encounter problems. We understand that downtime is lost time and pride ourselves on providing our customers with speedy service and a quick turnaround of repairs.

A reliable supplier

We think reliability goes beyond how a device functions and includes the reliability of a supplier itself. There’s a big difference between a supplier who just wants a sale and one that really wants to help you solve your business challenges.

This is the approach we take at JLT. Rugged devices are at the heart of what we do at, but we’re more than a manufacturer.

We understand about connectivity in complex and challenging environments and take an active approach to helping our customers solve their network issues beyond connecting our devices to the network.

We know the role that tools play in motivating your workforce. How their comfort and acceptance can impact your productivity and success, both positively and negatively.

We know port operations

And after a quarter of a century in the business we’ve gained a lot of knowledge from working with ports around the world that we can’t wait to share. When you choose JLT you get access to our experience of working with many other ports. We’ve worked with greenfield sites starting with a totally blank sheet where the sky’s the limit, as well as brownfield sites that have a legacy stretching back decades and the associated challenges.

We’ve worked with ports at different stages of their growth journey. From those moving to their first computers to those taking the initial steps towards automation.

And, of course, we know all about terminal operating systems (TOS). Our VMTs come ready validated by one of the leading TOS providers, NAVIS.

We bring best practice from other industries too. We use what we’ve learnt from working with sectors like warehousing, mining and transportation, to bring fresh viewpoints on how to solve the business challenges ports face today.

We take all this knowledge and experience to give our customers a truly bespoke service. By understanding your drivers and challenges, we can offer solutions that meet your needs, prepare you for the future and help your business prosper.

Partner network

We work with selected partners that are specialists in their fields. Whether you are working towards automation, need help with mobile device management or want to improve your connectivity, we have the right contacts. And our VMTs are validated for NAVIS’ N4 terminal operation system.

We even deliver our units according to your requirements. We understand a port can’t stop to upgrade their IT so we can ship everything ready to install with a custom image and cabling already attached.

You can choose the cheapest or you can choose the lowest total cost of ownership. Get more than just computers with JLT. Get reliability, peace of mind and a partner who wants to see you succeed just as much as you do. Please give us a call to discuss or ask any questions you might have. 

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Peter Lundgren

Peter Lundgren

November 19, 2020

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