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With 25+ years of experience in rugged IT we share our knowledge in guides, blogs, customer cases, and more. Learn how to increase productivity, how you can benefit from using rugged equipment, get buying tips and read customer cases.


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Purpose-built devices, developed from the ground up with the use case in mind

At JLT Mobile Computers, forklift and vehicle mounted computers are in our wheelhouse. We learned early on that focus...

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How is eCommerce and Mobility changing Manufacturing, the Warehouse and the Distribution Pipeline?

Just think for a moment how the cellphone, smart phone, and tablet computer has changed how we live and...

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Løgstrup Steel reduces downtime and avoids network failure with JLT’s rugged vehicle-mount terminals

A/S Løgstrup-Steel, Danish manufacturer and supplier of switchgear and control gear systems, was facing network issues and consequent delays...

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VMTs and their essential role in forklift safety

In logistics operations, safety can be addressed in both the physical and digital realm. In both instances, capable on-board...

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Ensure the right rugged devices for your operations – try before you buy!

Rugged devices are made to withstand harsh working conditions, and we engineer, manufacture, and test our own devices so...

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JLT rugged computers mounted on Solar’s forklifts boost warehouse operations and increase on-time delivery

This video, featuring Solar, a Danish sourcing and services company, shows how JLT’s forklift-mounted computers enable smooth warehouse operations...

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Fresh grow their business and install rugged computers from JLT onto new warehouse forklifts

Fresh AB is one of the leading Nordic suppliers of residential ventilation products and systems. Since its start in...

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Five ways to make IT your port’s hero, not its headache

A vital element sustaining port efficiency is its IT infrastructure. So what can you do to ensure your IT...

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How to increase productivity in the warehouse

Productivity, increasing capacity, efficiency, improving output – whatever you call it, doing things faster is one of many demands...

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Why rugged IT is a must for cold storage use

Cold chain management is all about making sure the products always keep the right temperature. For operations to run...

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Common mistakes in rugged computer RFPs

RFPs are designed to result in the most cost-competitive solution for a business. However, sometimes an ineffective process can...

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Choose the right supplier for reliable rugged computers in ports

Port container terminals keep the world’s supply chain moving. Each one is a carefully choreographed operation and any chink...

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Boost network connectivity at your container port

Container ports depend on technology to be competitive and digitalization is opening up new ways to maximize the efficiency...

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Three secrets to securing comfort for users of rugged computers in ports

It’s no secret that happy workers optimize operations whatever your line of business. But what can you do to...

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The container terminal OPCSA future-proofs its operation with new rugged computers

“The service and speed we get with JLT has surprised us. They can deliver faster than local suppliers and...

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How to tune your IT system to boost productivity in your port

When a container port is operating at its highest productivity level it’s like a well-orchestrated symphony. Port vehicles, ocean-going...

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Missed throughput? Computer breakdown could be the cause

Throughput can make or break a container port. With business-critical IT systems providing the backbone to operations, everything needs...

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How to approach port automation to really drive up throughput

Keeping the world’s supply chain moving means every second really does count. Ports base their success on the amount...

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Mobile Device Management – Boost productivity, increase security and reduce complexity

Managing a variety of non-standardized devices across a diverse multi location enterprise is a complex task. Gone are the...

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Dos and don’ts to optimize connectivity in demanding environments

We have come to expect constant connectivity during our every waking hour, which is pretty much 24/7 in today’s...

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The real cost of an IT breakdown in a warehouse

Today’s warehouses depend on business-critical IT systems to keep goods moving through the facility. With tight deadlines and challenging...

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Volvo picks JLT to improve connectivity on forklifts

Volvo is one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world with sales in about 100...

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Five reasons your warehouse productivity is down

Maximizing productivity is the holy grail of warehouses. When it works, the flow of goods in and out works like a well-oiled machine and targets are...

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JLT helps haulage company reduce CO2 emissions

Haulage companies provide vital services transporting goods from A to B across the world. With increasing focus on the...

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JLT computers tested to work reliably inside as well as outside – all year around

“We believe that there is nothing to beat the JLT computers for our purposes,” says Glyn Tomlinson, Regional IT...

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Poor connectivity in the warehouse – the trickle-down effect

You know that moment when your cell phone loses connection and your call is dropped? You were midsentence, explaining something and the line goes dead. You have...

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How to engage your warehouse workforce to boost productivity

When you think about warehouse assets that help you increase your productivity, what comes to mind? Your inventory? Your...

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Rugged computers increase efficiency in precision agriculture

“The compact format, high performance and great resistance to wear and tear makes the rugged PCs from JLT very...

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Choose the right solution provider

Today we base our purchasing decisions on much more than just the product. A list of features is no...

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The 4 major business costs of IT failure

Computer breakdowns and downtime can have severe cost implications for all types of businesses. In some high-throughput situations such...

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