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JLT helps haulage company reduce CO2 emissions

Haulage companies provide vital services transporting goods from A to B across the world. With increasing focus on the climate, many are looking to cut emissions. One way to maximize reductions is with an in-vehicle computer.

Bennesveds Åkeri AB is a haulage contractor based in the south of Sweden. The company provides lumber haulage services across Sweden to Sveaskog, the country’s largest forest owner.

Reducing emissions on the road

Over the past few years Sweden has set ambitious targets to reduce its impact on the environment, including slashing greenhouse gas emissions from transport vehicles by 40% by 2020. With the number of transports increasing and railroad infrastructure almost at capacity, truck transports must be made more energy efficient to achieve this ambition.
Bennesveds Åkeri operates a 74-ton, high capacity transport (HCT). These “super-sized” trucks take larger loads but consume less fuel, so emit less carbon dioxide, helping Sweden achieve its target to reduce emissions by 2020. And because the loads are larger, there are less trucks on the road and congestion is reduced.

Rugged computer enables more efficient transports

High capacity transports help cutting emissions, but you can have an even bigger impact with a computer on board. Bennesveds Åkeri equipped its HCT cabs with rugged PC’s from JLT Mobile Computers. Since they operates in demanding conditions they couldn’t use standard computers, they would be destroyed in a matter of hours. The chosen computers from JLT withstand arctic cold, desert heat, sand, dust, moisture and heavy vibrations. Almost anything you can throw at it.

Installed in the HCT cabs, the JLT computers are connected to the data bus system in the truck. This way, the computer continuously monitors conditions related to traction and how the truck is driven. The driver gets data and warnings about, for example, weights on up to 11-wheel axles and information on reloading when needed. Everything is logged and sent as feedback reports to vehicle developers and truckers. This means truck manufacturers and drivers can continuously improve their impact on the environment.

Devices drivers can rely on

Truckers must have access to their systems at all times, therefore they need to be able to rely on their computer to function without interruptions. The vehicle-mount computers from JLT comes in an aluminum case and contain components specifically intended for industrial use, making them fully reliable in any conditions. All connectors and openings are sealed against particles and protected against EMC radiation. As well as being built for purpose, the operating system and vital applications load quickly if a restart is needed.

Carbon dioxide reductions and increased earnings – A win-win outcome

By installing a JLT computer both the environment and Bennesveds Åkeri benefit. Carbon dioxide decreases because the trucks use less gas and the computer helps truckers optimize their driving to reduce axle press and improve braking. While Bennesveds Åkeri found that the larger truck pushed up earnings per driver and vehicle, particularly with longer transports, as well as reducing costs for wear and tear on recurring routes.

Alongside monitoring driving, traction and loading, vehicle-mounted computers have many uses. For example, order management, route planning, map data, safety functions, run time reporting, driver education and to promote environmentally friendly driving. These uses can help companies running trucks increase revenue and decrease operational expenses.

For more information on this topic, check out the customer story: Volvo cuts emissions in heavier trucks thanks to extensive data collected by JLT computers. 


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Hanna Proohf

Hanna Proohf

Corporate Marketing Manager

January 28, 2020

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