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JLT computers tested to work reliably inside as well as outside – all year around

“We believe that there is nothing to beat the JLT computers for our purposes,” says Glyn Tomlinson, Regional IT Manager, DS Smith Packaging

DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging and has 33 sites across the United Kingdom. The packaging division employs around 3,200 people and together with the paper division has a combined turnover of approximately £750 million. The company’s customers include both some of the world’s largest corporations as well as small, local and entrepreneurial businesses.

Operating in a tough environment
As one of the leading corrugated packaging firms in the UK, DS Smith Packaging operates in a challenging environment. Any equipment they use must function both inside and outside, whatever the weather conditions.

Keeping drivers connected
Rugged computers installed in the forklifts are used to run the mobile side of the company’s paperless business systems. They provide the drivers with a wireless interface to the back-office system, which sends jobs directly to the device.

The business system sends picking lists automatically to the computer in the forklift cabin. Drivers go about their jobs in the warehouse and dispatching orders, scanning each item picked using a long range barcode scanner.

Need for a standardized solution
DS Smith made the decision to standardize their fleet of rugged computers, after thorough onsite testing they chose equipment from JLT Mobile Computers. They purchased the JLT1214 series fixed-mount PCs with the plan roll out the model as the standard forklift computer across all its group-wide sites in the UK. The JLT1214 is a 12-inch touchscreen computer in a compact format, withstanding extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and heavy vibrations. Perfect for the demanding environment of a packaging supplier.

“Our decision to standardize on the product follows extensive use at three key sites where the computers have been tested in extreme conditions. The manufacturing environment in which we work is challenging and the forklift trucks are working both inside and outside at all times of year. We value the product and the service we get from Mobexx,” (one of JLT’s UK based resellers), said Glyn Tomlinson, Regional IT Manager, DS Smith Packaging.

Long-term benefits
By deciding to standardize their fleet of rugged computers, DS Smith has taken steps to reduce the cost of ownership of their devices as well as improving their workforce productivity.

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Hanna Proohf

Hanna Proohf

Corporate Marketing Manager

January 11, 2020

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