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Vehicle-mount computers

A device for every vehicle and use model

Our comprehensive range of vehicle-mount computers ensures the right fit for every vehicle and use model.

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Usage of vehicle mount computers

With an economy based on the 24/7 availability of services and an on-demand mentality from customers and clients, the pressure on front-line workers has been surging to new heights. Workers are expected to work much faster, but with the same accuracy as before. To make the work a lot easier, JLT aims to simplify the use of vehicle-mount computers and ultimately maximize productivity in warehouses, ports, and other industrial environments.

Vehicle-mount computers are devices that are mounted onto industrial vehicles that operate in tough environments, such as forklifts, trucks, cranes, reach stackers, and mining vehicles. They allow workers to read and input data straight from their vehicles rather than have them move from their workplace to a stationary computer.

Vehicle-mount computers are both compact and sturdy and are made to withstand even the harshest of environments. They operate on advanced hardware and software that allows the user to simplify the input of data. Frequently repeated tasks can be set up to be done with a single touch for maximum convenience. Because of the different sizes we offer, they are fit to be installed in all kinds of spaces. From the smallest cabin space to the largest data-displaying screen, we’ve got the device for you!


Benefits of our vehicle-mounted computers

Our devices are made with a special, tough exterior that is designed and manufactured to last many years, even under the harshest conditions. Vehicle-mount computers are made to withstand freezing and humid temperatures, going as low as -30°C (-22°F) and up to 55°C (131°F). In certain devices, such as the JLT1214N, a special heating element activates automatically around low temperatures to prevent frost formation on the display screen, giving you trouble-free use when moving around low temperatures. Pair this with IP65 protection, which shields your gear from dust and water, and you have a close to indestructible device that’s always at your service.

Our terminals are made to stay connected to your network, regardless of the various conditions they might operate in. With Bluetooth, WLAN, and an optional 4G LTE/ 5G connection front-line workers can update, scan and check data at any time right from their vehicle, reducing downtime. No need to worry about unexpected power outages disrupting your work, because our terminals are equipped with an internal battery that will keep the product running to smooth over any glitches or give you the time needed for a graceful shut down.

Our devices can be installed in almost any vehicle as they support a wide range of power (9-72 volts). The VMT’s screens are available in 10”, 12” and 15-inch sizes, so that our devices can cater to different needs in a multitude of industries. This also makes it easier to find a model that fits tighter spaces, like what you may have in a forklift or other small vehicle. The displays are touch-responsive, so they provide a user-friendly experience. Years of experience in the development of rugged devices has taught us that one of the most common failure points is the touch screen. After rigorous amounts of testing, we have developed a touch screen that can be operated even when wearing gloves. Additionally, our screens are virtually unbreakable and are brightness adjustable, so they are easy to read when outdoors but dim when in dark spaces – providing a smooth user acceptance. No matter the lighting conditions, we’ve got you covered.

All in all, JLT vehicle-mount computers work to increase workforce productivity, operation efficiency and reduce downtime, all while being accessible, safe, and easy to operate.

Looking for more? We’ve got you covered! We sell various accessories to go with the vehicle mount computers, such as keyboards, scanners, and cables. Our devices are also customizable, so if you need a different set up, let us know! For large orders, we can adjust our computers to your needs.


Vehicle-mount computers are installed onto a wide variety of logistics vehicles and can serve different purposes. Because the devices are customizable, they are applicable to ports, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and any other organizations operating in difficult environments.

In warehouses, our devices help to pick up items, scan and track them, all through 3rd party WMS software. Add the use of a barcode scanner for quick data entry and location confirmations, providing easier auditing of the entire process. This makes inventorying and shipping items easier and much more structured.

Moving in and out of freezing environments, such as a blast freezer, is no problem for our VMTs as they can withstand freezing conditions without issues. The display on our JLT1214N configuration heats up to prevent frosting, while the design prevents damage from humidity. And all the while, you can still operate the device whilst wearing gloves. Perfect for work order management and managing inventories in cold environments such as freezer storage.


JLT’s top vehicle mount computer features

Our vehicle-mount computers offer many handy features that make operations just that little bit easier, including:

  • PowerTouch – our PowerTouch™ display technology provides a user-friendly experience, even when navigating the IT device with gloves.
  • Adjustable screen brightness – with a bright dim, or anything in between screen, you can use JLT’s terminals when working outdoors, indoors, or even throughout shifting environments.
  • Great connectivity – always be assured that your devices display up to date data.
  • Android and Windows OS available – the most used operating systems make the devices’ interface recognizable and easy to use, even for unexperienced users.
  • Installation in almost any vehicle – our computers come in a variety of sizes and models, so they fit in almost all forklifts and other logistic vehicle types.
  • Wide voltage range – One of our best features is that our devices can run on a wide range of voltage. Also, the power supply is isolated and protected against bad vehicle power.
  • Withstand shock, vibrations, dust, and water – our vehicle mount computers are designed to be used in even the most damaging environments and situations.
  • With JLT on board as a trusted partner, your VMT purchase will result in a lower total cost of ownership compared to competitors and other consumer-grade computers. Our devices are so long lasting that some customers of ours are using the same device 11 years after purchase!

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