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Rugged devices used in the toughest environments

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Enabling real-time data and reports for instant evaluation

Today, computers are key to efficient and profitable mining operations. JLT rugged devices are tried and tested worldwide in environments where only the toughest survive. They can be used in almost any mining vehicle or drilling machine, from draglines, dozers, graders and haulers to supervisors’ vehicles. Our devices are used to monitor all kinds of mining-related activities, from ore quality to vehicle tire wear. With real-time data and reports the productivity of each vehicle can be measured and provide insights for decision making.

JLT6012A Front Angle

Reasons for choosing JLT for mining operations

Measure ore quality and vehicle productivity

Using our rugged computers in your mining operation gives you real-time data for each vehicle. This will help to determine vehicle productivity which in turn can be used for identifying necessary changes such as different routes, need for new vehicles, alternative sites and more.

Monitor performance of all types of machinery

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks and enable preventive service by monitoring performance of all types of machinery. Measure productivity, improve safety, identify maintenance needs, scheduled repairs and much more. Whatever the task, the computer will function in worst of conditions.

Built for the toughest environments

Our VERSO series computers withstand significant temperature changes, severe vibrations and are IP66 dust-resistant and waterproof. They feature the industry’s highest performance processors and are available in screen sizes from 10" to 15", making them ideal for the mining industry.


How to buy rugged computers

Nine criteria you need to think about when building a successful RFP.

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Automated data collection and dispatching

Our devices are used to monitor all kinds of mining-related activities, from ore quality to vehicle tire wear. Real-time data and reports for each vehicle and reveal the productivity of each vehicle enable instant measurement and evaluation of changes such as different routes, new vehicles and alternative sites.

Minimizing errors

Human error can cost millions. JLT rugged computers play an important part in systems to prevent these problems. In conjunction with a dispatch controller, potential errors and safety hazards can be entirely avoided.

Machine guidance and control

Computers can control and monitor the performance of all types of machinery. Drills can be controlled with millimetric precision, while monitoring of machine productivity, pressure, maintenance and scheduled repairs makes it possible to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and improve preventive service.