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Enabling efficient and reliable data handling in any conditions

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Boosting productivity in challenging environments

Safety and efficiency are essential factors for the transportation industry, while it is also crucial to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Our rugged devices make it possible to boost productivity in warehousing, cross-docking and on the road, while meeting regulations and reducing costs. The environment is challenging with temperature fluctuations, severe vibration, impact, dust and moisture all taking their toll on equipment. JLT devices are built for these conditions, giving you efficient and reliable data handling whatever the day brings.


Reasons for choosing JLT in the transportation industry

Increased security and real time driver support

In-vehicle computers enable security applications with safety features like automated emergency calls in case of an accident. The mobile computer system can also be used for satellite navigation and route optimization applications to reduce delivery times and driving distance.

Running for years without failure

We understand that time and predictability are critical factors, making a reliable system invaluable. Our devices run for years without failure and helps to increase productivity in your business.

Built for the toughest environments

All of our products withstand significant temperature changes, severe vibrations, are IP65 or IP66 dust-resistant and waterproof, and comes in a compact format, making them ideal for use in any transportation vehicle.

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Our comprehensive range of vehicle-mount computers ensures the right fit for every vehicle and use model.
Reliability and high performance on the go. Truly rugged tablets and handheld devices that won’t let you down.
Ultra-rugged accessories increase productivity, in virtually any condition.

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Data-driven logistics

These days, efficient transportation is highly dependent on data. It enables the precise coordination and timing needed for a profitable operation. Data handling is now a critical business activity, so it pays to choose a partner with the experience, and the range of rugged devices, to ensure the right system for your needs.

Built to deliver

Warehousing and cross-docking can be demanding, with operations inside and outside in varying climate conditions. Conditions for connectivity can be far from optimal. And temperature fluctuations, severe vibration, impact, dust and moisture all take their toll on equipment. JLT devices are built for these conditions, giving you efficient and reliable data handling whatever the day brings.

Keeping you running

In public transport, computers and handheld devices have a big impact on the customer experience. JLT rugged devices are used by transport operators worldwide to enable fast and efficient ticket sales and to provide vital real-time journey information to passengers. Their reliability and ease of installation in a wide range of vehicle types makes them the ideal solution for most public transport applications.

Driver support

Satellite navigation and route optimization applications reduce the time to delivery as well as the distance driven. The mobile computer system can also be used to display pictures from reversing cameras, with maneuvering help from an assistant if needed. The assistant and cameras can also help control gripping arms with high precision.


Safer trips are facilitated by applications that can make emergency calls in case of an accident, even if the driver is injured. Road descriptions can be sent instantly to ambulance and rescue personnel, getting them to the accident faster and maybe even save lives.

High flexibility

From handling payments and infotainment, to route guidance and fleet management, our rugged devices improve safety, boost efficiency and make work easier in many areas of transportation.