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Tablets & handhelds

Reliability and high performance on the go

Reliability and high performance on the go. Truly rugged tablets and handheld devices that won’t let you down.

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Usage of rugged tablets

Now an irreplaceable component of data collection in almost all industries and organizations, tablets and computers allow us to remotely manage operations with ease. The only major downside for many companies is that these devices are generally not made to be used in tough environments that often occur in the distributing and logistics field. Think of how easy it would be to drop a device while auditing inventory, or how dirty construction sites will undoubtedly clog up devices with water and dust. Working in warehouses with poor connectivity resulting in less transparency in the workflow can also be an issue, or imagine outdoor ports that must constantly deal with unreadable and reflective screens.

Luckily, there exists a subset of tablets that are specially designed to withstand these harsh conditions. Thanks to some smart engineering, extensive testing, and years of experience, JLT Mobile Computers offers rugged tablets that are made to withstand whatever life throws at them. Whether that’s a simple splash of water or a fall to a concrete floor, our rugged tablets’ tough exterior will make sure you save precious money on repairs and replacements.

But our rugged devices are not just close to indestructible, they’re also lightweight (usually weighting in at around 1kg), easy to operate, and have hot-swappable batteries. This means you can continue using the same tablet much faster as you don’t have to turn the device off when swapping a nearly empty battery for a fully charged one.

To ensure maximum productivity, auditing of your organization is of utmost importance. To do so, rugged tablets are often the go-to when it comes to IT devices used for managing fleets, monitoring inventories, and tracking orders. We highly recommend that you add VMTs to your checklist.

At JLT, we want to make the effort to assess your situation and offer you the best product, service, and accessory package for your specific business requirements. Rest assured that if you contact us today, you’ll leave with the right device, first time. We’re not looking to make a quick buck, we’re here to help you future-proof your business, no matter how harsh it gets.

Still not sure? Try before you buy! Feel free to contact us for expert advice and even better products, without any commitment.


Benefits of our ruggedized tablets

Our rugged tablets are equipped with large, capacitive multi-touch screens with special sunlight viewability, meaning you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with powerful processors, a GPS signal, and an optional 4G/LTE connection, JLT rugged tablets are just as quick and efficient in getting the job done as a regular office PC. As our devices use recognizable Android and Windows operating systems, they are easy to operate for anyone.



Use rugged tablets to stay in touch with coworkers and pass on information to other teams quickly, even when working in rough environments. These devices are especially useful for logistics and transportation organizations that rely heavily on managing their data consistently. Track orders, remotely add or edit data to important spreadsheets or data management systems, and monitor your inventory anywhere, any time.


JLT’s top rugged industrial tablet features

Thanks to their slim and compact design, JLT Mobile Computers’ rugged tablets are easy to take on the go with you, making them the perfect device for tasks that require mobility. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, the screens are adjustable in brightness. This simplifies and speeds up data input by operators in the field as your workers can read the tablet screens easily, even in direct sunlight.

Clumsy workers? Not to worry. Even in the roughest of terrains, rugged tablet computers are made to deliver and can endure a 4-feet drop to the floor. They’re built extra sturdy so they can survive harsh conditions, ranging anywhere from -20 to +50°C / -4 to +122°F. Additionally, JLT rugged tablets are dust- and waterproof.

Barely ever does one size fit all, especially in technology. That’s why we offer the option to customize our rugged tablets in various ways. Do you need extra storage space? Or perhaps you operate on a different, modified OS? Working with sensitive data that requires more safety measures? Whatever it is you need to maximize your productivity, we’ll do our best to help you achieve your goals in any way we can.