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Tablets & handhelds

Reliability and high performance on the go

Reliability and high performance on the go. Truly rugged tablets and handheld devices that won’t let you down.

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MT2010K fully rugged 10″ Windows tablet with integrated keyboard

Combines a compact form factor with the convenience of an integrated QWERTY keyboard and 10 programmable function buttons. The optimal choice for mobile applications where a full keyboard is required.

MT2010P 10” fully rugged tablet

Fully rugged handheld device ideal for field service or warehousing operations in harsh environment. It is IP65 dustproof and waterproof and works in a wide range of temperatures.

MT3007A fully rugged 7″ Android tablet

MT3007A™ is a fully rugged tablet with Android™ operating system that is also very portable, making it ideal for long days of field service in warehousing operations and other harsh environments. It is IP65 dust-proof and waterproof and works in temperatures of -20°C to 60°C / -4°F to 140°F (AC mode), -10°C to 50°C / 14°F…

MT3010A 10” fully rugged tablet

The MT3010A™ rugged tablet combines tough construction with a slim form factor and light weight. It runs the Android™ operating system and can handle the applications you are already using on other handheld Android units. Tired of dealing with the repair costs of consumer-grade tablets? This tablet can withstand a four-foot drop onto concrete. It…