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Eric Miller,
CEO, JLT Mobile Computers Inc.

Hello, my name is Eric Miller. I’m the CEO of JLT Mobile Computers Inc. – your partner in creating value through innovative rugged computing solutions.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking to our customers and thought leaders within our industry over the years, and one thing is crystal clear – customers are looking for more than rugged hardware and great specs. Of course, we deliver great equipment, and we are well known in the industry for our quality and reliability. But our customers tell us over again that they are really buying other things like trust, certainty, risk avoidance, productivity, and customer satisfaction. It is through this feedback that we’ve learned the implications of purchasing decisions regarding rugged solutions and that they go far beyond the hardware itself.

That is why JLT committed early on to a different approach than most rugged hardware suppliers. We believe in the power of human interaction and the benefits that come from understanding our customers’ needs and what they are trying to accomplish. We refer to it as our High-Touch Customer Approach which is a consultative approach focused on listening to your needs.

The value we create through this approach has become even more apparent and important in these uncertain times when many companies are having to refocus their business or work in new ways.

Our approach is a balance between the best rugged hardware, relentless focus on every single customer, attention to detail, the dedication and expertise of our team, and the pride we get in meeting your business objectives and solving your business problems.

It comes down to this. We believe in creating a foundation for your business to thrive and a partnership that continues to grow.

JLT is here for you. Give me a call and let’s discuss how we bring value to your operations.

Eric Miller
CEO, JLT Mobile Computers, Inc.