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JLT:Care™ no-questions-asked service agreement

Maximize up-time and control costs with JLT:Care

“No-questions-asked” service agreement (SLA) for guaranteed up-time at a predictable cost. Our SLA’s cover all failures that affect the functioning of your computer. We offer two service agreement types – Basic and Worldwide pick-up, drop-off. The second option includes all shipping costs to and from our service center. They run from three to five years at a fixed price, so you can predict your Total Cost of Ownership easily. Additionally, SLA’s are offered on a regional basis. In the Downloads section below you can find the datasheets for the service agreements for the Americas and the EMEA region.

Both service agreements cover:

  • Minor repairs (reimaging, No Fault Found, connector repair, etc.)
  • Basic repairs (broken touch, UPS battery replacement, boot media replacement, etc.)
  • Major repairs (carrier board, system board, CPU board, front display package, etc.)


Learn more about our service agreements in these articles:

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Maximum up-time

Maximum 5 day turn-around time plus shipping

Easy administration

24/7 RMA registration, failure notification and tracking

Total Cost of Ownership

Predictable fixed cost for maintenance and repair

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