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SITL – Paris, France

SITL is one of the major transportation and logistics events in Europe. For over 30 years, the show has been bringing together all players in transport and logistics, across France and internationally. For visitors including transport, logistics, and supply chain managers in retail, distribution, and other industrial sectors, SITL is the place to go for sourcing providers, discovering innovative solutions on the market, and finding out about best practices and techniques to increase company performance and competitiveness.

JLT will be demonstrating rugged computers for the logistics industry, we hope to see you there!

SITL 2019


25+ years of experience in developing and manufacturing rugged IT has enabled us to set the standard in rugged computing. By taking design and quality to new levels, from 1994 to today, we bring the possibilities of computing to industries where a typical office machine might last just minutes.

Leading companies around the world trust JLT for the most reliable and high-performing rugged devices on the market. But we’re much more than just a supplier. We’re a partner who’s on hand to help you every step of the way, from device selection to system design, integration and ongoing support. Our expert knowledge and proactive services will keep you running smoothly – every minute of every day.

We will be showcasing how the use of rugged IT enables hassle-free data communication in challenging work deployments such as the logistics and supply chain industry at SITL. We exhibit together with our local French sales partner ID-Work.

At our booth you will:

  • Meet our experts to learn how to improve your workforce productivity
  • Learn how to simplify and save cost on device management and maintenance.
  • Get a demo of our full range of rugged vehicle-mount computers, handhelds, and tablets!
  • Learn about both our Android and Windows capabilities

Book a meeting with one of our experts at the event below. If you can’t make it, no problem, you can still contact us to get to know how we can help your business!

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Reasons for choosing JLT for your logistics operations

Ensuring the performance you need

We understand your challenges and have the expertise to analyze your IT infrastructure and physical environment, ensuring seamless coverage and smooth integration with your systems.

Heated display for extreme cold

Our rugged JLT1214N computer with automatic heater on the front prevents frost formation in drastic temperature changes, for example when going in and out of a blast freezer storage.

Secure power supply in any vehicle

Power glitches often result in unwanted reboots. Our JLT6012 features a wide-range isolated power supply and internal battery to ensure reliable installation in all types of vehicles without external adapters.

Increased security and real time driver support

In-vehicle computers enable security applications with safety features like automated emergency calls in case of an accident. The mobile computer system can also be used for satellite navigation and route optimization applications to reduce delivery times and driving distance.

Running for years without failure

We understand that time and predictability are critical factors, making a reliable system invaluable. Our devices run for years without failure and helps to increase productivity in your business.

Built for the toughest environments

All of our products withstand significant temperature changes, severe vibrations, are IP65 or IP66 dust-resistant and waterproof, and comes in a compact format, making them ideal for use in any transportation vehicle.

Explore our products and services

Our comprehensive range of vehicle-mount computers ensures the right fit for every vehicle and use model.
Reliability and high performance on the go. Truly rugged tablets and handheld devices that won’t let you down.
Ultra-rugged accessories increase productivity, in virtually any condition.