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Why choose JLT? We listen, we care, and find the right solution for you

When you need to procure or replace your rugged devices, what do you look for? Do you base your decision on the product spec or perhaps the after sales service? With JLT it’s not a question of either/or. We don’t compromise on our computers nor our service, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Long experience coupled with great products

Our business began 25 years ago, producing rugged computers for the forestry industry. We soon branched out to supply other industries such as warehousing, mining, oil and gas. Being in the business so long and working in many different industries means we’ve seen it all, which helps us to build great products.

Since the beginning, rugged devices have been our core business. It’s what we do best. Over the past two and a half decades we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and what our customers want. We consolidate all this knowledge and experience into a range of devices that get the job done.

Our suite of products – mounted, tablet and handheld – are truly rugged. They are built to withstand even the most demanding of environments. And we keep control of the design, development and manufacturing of our products because we believe in delivering not just something that works, but something that lasts.

We can even tailor devices to fit your business. Do you want a custom image – not a problem. Perhaps you want some on screen shortcuts – sure thing. Do you need licenses – we can take care of that. And, we can supply all the accessories you need to get going.

Partnership approach

But we don’t just want to sell our products. We want to get to know our customers as well. Because once we know you, we can help you better. By working together, we get to understand your business. Not just what you do, but how it works, where your pain points are, what applications you use, which other devices you have on site – so we can find the right solution to fit your needs.

To achieve this level of understanding we follow a high-touch approach. We spend as much time as possible with our new customers, in a way that suits them of course. This could be over the phone, online meetings or on-site to build our relationship and knowledge. Even when we work with a partner, for example a system integrator or value-added reseller, we ask to meet the end user, as they know their business best.

Once we’ve got to know our customers, we build an offer to address the issues and opportunities we identified together. These offers are tailor madeand could include any combination of hardware, accessories, custom operating system, mobile device management plus installation and service contracts.

As we move through the sales-process we send one of our business development managers or field application engineers on site with demo units. By doing this we get to see how the equipment works on your forklifts and in your warehouse, giving us important insight into any further customization or accessories that could be needed. Then we’ll work with your IT-department to build custom OS when needed, configure the units and guide your team through the initial install.

But we don’t stop there. We continue to work closely with you throughout the lifespan of the products, offering service, support and spare parts. By collaborating closely we can make sure that you get the right devices whatever use case, operating system, price or service needs you have, so you can focus on improving the productivity or efficiency in your business.

The whole package

And this high-touch approach works. Our customers keep coming back, many over and over again and stay with us for many years. If you ask them why they choose us, they’ll say they get the full package – great products, great people and great service. So when you sign a contract with JLT for our rugged devices or services you get a partner who is as interested and invested in your company as you are. We might not be the biggest nor the most well-known, but we sure do deliver.


If you want to find out more how we can help your business become more productive with the help of our devices, then get in touch.

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Eric Miller

Eric Miller

CEO, JLT Mobile Computers USA

July 7, 2021

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