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Get ready for the future of logistics, today

Let JLT Mobile Computers help you achieve your targets and increase your warehouse productivity today! Designed for harsh environments, our products are ideal for forklifts and many other logistics applications.


Who are we?

Our story dates back to 1994 when we began designing and manufacturing industrial computers for the forestry industry. For over 25 years now, we’ve brought our rugged devices’ design and quality to new levels and new industries. Optimized for forklifts, we partner with leading companies around the world to provide you with the best ongoing support, technical expertise, and exceptional warranties. If your daily operations demand the best, most reliable IT equipment, then we’re perfect for you!

Our mission? For three decades, we’ve been empowering customers’ business’ by enabling hassle-free data communication in challenging environments. From transitioning to forklifts to forklift fleet optimization and even MDM advice: You can rely on us to be the experts and to help guide you in the right direction, boosting your productivity, no matter how challenging the workplace.


Reasons for choosing JLT for your warehouse

Several forklifts by high shelves, stacked with boxes

Outstanding performance in any logistics application

Whether you use forklifts, trucks, or other logistics vehicles, we understand your challenges. JLT has the expertise to analyze your IT infrastructure and physical environment, and our specially designed rugged devices perform as expected, 24/7. They work in all conditions; vibration, shock, bumpy floors - nothing will stop their efficiency!

JLT6012 device at angle, in front of a JLT6012A device

Seamless connectivity boosts productivity

Forklift drivers rely on the connectivity of their forklift terminal for a constant flow of information. At JLT, we ensure seamless coverage both indoors and outside the warehouse. Our rugged in-vehicle computers, durable tablets, and heavy-duty handhelds minimize operational downtime while improving personnel productivity!

Wet screen touched by gloved hand

Rugged up and ready for cold chain logistics

Our vehicle-mounted computers are suitable for any logistics application, even cold chain management. Internal heaters prevent the formation of frost and condensation. For those working with gloves, we can provide rugged keyboards as well as virtual keypads with larger keys.

Chat with our NC Business Development Manager

Contact us via this form and you’ll get a free, informal chat with Robin Beesley, our Eastern-US Business Development Manager. He’s specialized in improving logistics operations efficiency in warehousing environments.

Try us out today, fill in the form with no obligations. After Robin gets in contact, if you don’t see any value in further discussions, no problem!

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Hear it from some of our customers

Solar, Denmark

“JLT computers are reliable, with great network connectivity and they don’t need constant rebooting. They never break down. I’ve never sent one in for repair in the four years we’ve had them.” – Leif Prüsse Lauridsen Technician Maintenance at Solar Denmark A/S

Swire Coca-Cola, USA

“We have used forklift computers from JLT since 2011 and the results and customer service have exceeded expectations.” – James Sloan Chief Financial Officer at Swire Coca-Cola, USA

SSAB, Sweden

“Our relationship with JLT started in 2003 and their products have been up and running with an almost non-existent failure rate ever since then. The latest addition JLT6012 computers fit right in; they’re built to last and fully recyclable.” - Klas Lundåsen, IT Technician, at SSAB Common IT Service.

Let us support you

Whether you’re looking to solve a current short-term technical challenge or planning for a new site, maybe switching platforms to Android OS, or upgrading your latest Windows, we are here to advise you.

Our product range, varying from fixed vehicle-mount computers, tablets, and handhelds, as well as scanner products and other accessories, has been developed and built to fulfill two major objectives: providing reliability and boosting productivity in challenging environments.

How do we do that? The first step is identifying pain points in your logistic deployments. Let us help you figure out the root-cause of the major challenges your business is facing!

Contact us today

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