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JLT Mobile Computers shares tips and best practices on how to choose the right rugged computer for optimum business productivity

Second expert guide by leading supplier of rugged mobile computing devices and solutions for logistics, warehousing and other challenging environments highlights the importance of looking beyond product specifications and prices when procuring rugged devices

Växjö, Sweden, 25 August 2020 * * * After 25 years in business, JLT Mobile Computers, a leading supplier of reliable computers for demanding environments, is making available the benefits of its expertise in a series of ‘how to’ guides designed to help new and existing customers make the right strategic technology decisions to optimize their operations. The second guide in the series covers the many aspects of choosing and buying the right rugged computers. It is available for free download here.

Compared to the purchase of office or enterprise computers, the selection of rugged computing equipment for mobile workforces
in harsh industrial environments includes numerous considerations other than just product specifications and initial purchase
price. Each field operation is different and has different requirements. Different types of technologies may or may not work with each other. Getting it right will boost productivity and motivate the workforce. Getting it wrong has costly implications.

Five things to keep in mind when procuring your next rugged computer
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“Getting the exact right computers and systems for the mobile workforce, on foot or in vehicles, is a complex ballgame,” said Per Holmberg, CEO of JLT Mobile Computers Group. “They may need something that’s small and handy, or something mounted in a truck or on a forklift. It may rain, temperatures may be extreme, sunlight may be a factor, how long the battery lasts, or how well wireless works. You can’t just buy rugged gear on product spec; there’s much more to it than just the computer. The workforce must be comfortable with it, everything must work together, everything must be matched to the operation. At JLT we’ve been in this business for decades. We know how it works and we know what matters. And in this guide, we’re sharing what we’ve learned about getting the right tools for the job with our customers.”

Entitled “How to choose and buy the right rugged computers for your business”, the second free guide in the JLT series discusses everything that matters in filling the computing needs of mobile workforces with the exact right systems and equipment. That includes balancing wish lists with technological and operational realities. Determining the right type of form factors and technologies. Facilitating testing and buy-in from the workforce. Protecting your investment and assessing total cost of ownership.

The guide walks you through the important points and issues one by one. How to decide on the right types of mobile computing equipment as well as the pros and cons of each type. How to match equipment to your work environment so you only pay for the ruggedness you actually need. Learn about crucial key elements such as display and touch technologies. Assess the proper size and weight, making sure equipment feels “right” on the job. Analyze power needs; unlike desktops that simply plug in, powering mobile computers means balancing factors such as weight, cost, size, lifecycles, and technologies. Decide on the right mobile connectivity, as it is much more complex than in an office or enterprise. Determine actual processing performance needs; don’t get too little or too much. And, finally, learn the importance of accessories and peripherals as part of a successful mobile system.

To get the free guide and start learning what to look for and what to avoid when buying your next rugged devices, go to rugged/?utm_campaign=rugged_device_guide_pr .

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