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Meet with JLT at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, GA

Let us know you're coming to Meet with JLT at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, GA!

JLT is a leading producer and reseller of rugged forklift computer solutions that enhance warehousing productivity. In three decades of relentless customer focus, we’ve built a global presence, deployed tens of thousands of devices, and earned the trust of many Fortune 500 companies.

Our rugged solutions are acknowledged as the best in the world and are backed by the industry’s longest warranties. We have our own R&D and production facilities in Sweden, enabling us to control every aspect of quality for ultimate performance in the toughest environments.

JLT is part of JLT Mobile Computers AB, a Nasdaq Sweden-listed company with offices in Europe and Australia.

Solutions that will increase your warehouse productivity – on display at MODEX! 

  • JLT Insights: From data to understanding. Our unique monitoring and analysis software solution keeps track of key pain points in warehouse operations. Using an unseen combination of real-time data from the array of sensors embedded in the JLT6012 Series rugged computers, the solution shows what’s really happening in the warehouse and makes it possible to eliminate problems before they even occur. Learn more about the many benefits of JLT Insights in this brochure.
  • JLT6012: The gold standard for warehouse computers. Productivity is a defining concept for the JLT6012™ Series of rugged vehicle-mount computers, which comprises dedicated Android™ and Windows® versions, allowing customers to choose the operating system that best suits their needs. The latest Android version (JLT6012A), featuring Android 12, is certified for Google Mobile Services (GMS).
  • In our booth you’ll also get the chance to see the JLT1214P, JLT1214N and JLT1014P rugged computers as well as our ultra-rugged barcode scanners.

At our booth you will also be able to:

  • Talk to our experts who are on hand to help you find ways to boost your workforce productivity
  • Find out how you can take control of your device management and maintenance while cutting costs
  • Find out what rugged computing solutions can best boost your business’s operations

Let us know you're coming to Meet with JLT at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, GA!


High-touch customer approach – finding your best possible solution

Our high-touch customer approach makes us unique in the industry – we listen, we care, and we have what it takes to deliver the best possible rugged computing solutions for your specific data handling needs.

Watch this video to find out more

JLT6012™ the best rugged computers in the world

By combining our sealed design, innovative build architecture and rigorous testing, we offer the most reliable and high-performing products on the market. They stay connected and withstand the toughest environments.

Learn more about the JLT6012 Series

Increase productivity with JLT Insights™ business intelligence

JLT Insights is the most complete rugged computing business intelligence software solution on the market. It collects and contextualizes previously undocumented operational data from your forklift devices, giving you the ability to evaluate and improve your operations objectively.

Learn more about JLT Insights


MODEX is a supply chain event held in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) biannually. The exhibition gathers leading providers in the supply chain, transportation, and manufacturing industries. Visitors at MODEX will be able to see what the future of the industry looks like: from cutting-edge technology solutions to equipment demos and inspiring educational content. Discover new ways to increment competitiveness and take advantage of the latest industry trends to future-proof your business.

JLT will be demonstrating rugged computing solutions designed for the supply chain industry, we hope to see you there!