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Long-time rugged IT supplier JLT Mobile Computers sets itself up for continued success with new brand identity

Having grown faster than the market over the past seven years and delivering record revenues in 2019, the new JLT brand’s growth strategy emphasizes solutions, expansion of sales channels, R&D, and strategic partnerships to address customers’ business needs.

Växjö, Sweden, 12 February 2020 * * * After 25 years in business, JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer and manufacturer of reliable computers for demanding environments, is continuing its growth strategy under a new brand identity. Having significantly outperformed the competition in its serviceable markets in recent years and posting record sales of SEK 142M in 2019, the new-look JLT is setting sights on further expansion of its market share with a fresh growth strategy centering around expanded product, service, and solutions offerings, with strengthened sales channels, strong R&D and strategic partnerships.

As a trailblazer in the field of rugged computers, over the course of 25 years, JLT has amassed solid experience and know-how in developing, producing and installing electronics in unforgiving environments. Maintaining full control over product development, production and service, JLT gained a competitive advantage that resulted in 15% average annual sales growth over the past six years, three times higher than the average annual growth of businesses serving the same markets (based on JLT estimates and data from VDC Research).

Recognizing the increasing complexity of customers’ planning, acquisition, implementation and management processes as a result of digitization, IoT, Cloud and Industry 4.0 trends, JLT is strengthening its commitment to customers through the sale of complementary products, services and consultancy to help them solve their toughest business challenges.

“We’ve listened carefully to the industry and we know that choosing the right hardware is only one step on our customers’ journey for improving productivity in the warehouse, port, mine or other applications areas,” said Per Holmberg, CEO of JLT Mobile Computers Group. “To address customer business needs we are transitioning our business model from being a traditional hardware supplier to becoming a business partner who’s on hand to help customers every step of the way, from device selection to system design, integration, deployment, and ongoing support.”

JLT’s strategy to become a provider of end-to-end rugged IT solutions is an ongoing transformation that has been underway for a while. It will move the company from predominantly being a traditional hardware vendor to a brand identity as a business partner and trusted advisor to its customers providing the best combination of JLT’s rugged hardware, software, services and solutions.

Looking into the future, JLT’s strategy for ongoing growth and broadening the company’s scope includes:

Focus on solutions, highlighting the challenges in a dozen major industries and markets, as well as the growth and productivity enhancement opportunities JLT products and services can offer.

Expansion of JLT’s offerings with a combination of proprietary products, sourced products and accessories, and a broader scope of software and services. This enables JLT to comprehensively address customer needs. Through strategic partnerships, JLT has added tablets, handhelds, accessories, as well as new software products for terminal emulation, mobile device management and more. JLT:Care™ already offers totally predictable cost of ownership, and with the launch of JLT:Technology Services™ on the US market, JLT offers installation and maintenance services along with servicing of both JLT’s own and third-party products.

Expansion of JLT’s sales channel both through an increase in the company’s direct local presence and expansion of JLT’s global reseller network.

High emphasis on R&D with investment both in the enhancement of existing products and the development of new products. Examples are JLT’s research into integrated sensor technologies that yielded the JLT6012™ rugged vehicle-mount computer that has become the fastest growing product in JLT history and a platform for the future development of both products and services. JLT’s R&D also made possible the new rugged VERSO™ Series of computers upgraded with the fastest processor options in the industry, as well as the recent launch of the smallest high-performance 10-inch VMT on the market.

To learn more about JLT Mobile Computers, and the company’s products, services and solutions, visit The full 2019 year-end report is available on the JLT Investor Relations site

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