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Try the unlimited version of JLT Insights 12 months for free

In a time-limited campaign we are now offering you the chance to use JLT Insights for 12 months, free of charge. JLT Insights will enable you to eliminate costly downtime, improve control over operations, and boost customer service by managing efficiency and productivity in your forklift operations.

JLT Insights – the perfect tool to drive forklift operations improvements

JLT Insights is a unique forklift productivity software solution embedded in the JLT6012 rugged computer from JLT. The software is designed from the ground up to monitor key areas in warehouse operations and provide real-time alerts to improve forklift productivity.

JLT Insights offers unparalleled focus on critical real-time operational data available via intuitive dashboards, graphs and alerts from your desktop or mobile devices.

JLT Insights

Why you should try JLT Insights

Using real-time data from the array of sensors embedded in the JLT6012 rugged computer, JLT Insights helps to improve profitability and brings many benefits, including:

Improved device performance
• Reduced downtime
• Reduced service needs
• Reduced total cost of ownership

Simplified operations management
• Fast real-time decision making
• Predictive actions and risk mitigation
• Real-time routing guidance

Increased forklift productivity
• Improved picking productivity
• Traffic optimization
• Decreased deadheading

Improved workforce productivity
• Improved workflow routines
• Productivity measurement
• Current operator location and status

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