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JLT Mobile Computers Announces Windows Embedded 8 Standard for Market Leading VERSO Computer

JLT Mobile Computers, developer of reliable computers for demanding environments, announces Windows Embedded 8 Standard for its new high-performance vehicle computer VERSO. The VERSO series delivers market leading performance and is specifically developed for the heavy-duty segment. With Windows Embedded 8 Standard operating system for the VERSO series, JLT offers a solution with the familiar Windows 8 user interface combined with high performance, short boot time and maximum reliability.

Equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and 64-bit operating system, the VERSO computers can be used for such functions as video monitoring, positioning calculations, presentation of complex data, and much else. The VERSO computers are also available with an Intel Dual Core Atom D2550 processor. The computers are dust and water resistant to the IP65 specification and can be used in freezer storage rooms as well as in broiling hot sun. With a built-in DC/DC power supply and backup battery the computers handle voltage variations and interruptions without stoppages.

Windows Embedded 8 Standard, released by Microsoft in March of 2013, is a modular operating system that can be optimized by choosing only the capabilities necessary for the specific use of the computer, which results in better performance, user productivity and stability. In addition, the operating system can be stored on smaller, less expensive media and the boot time is significantly shorter compared to previous versions.

"With the VERSO series, JLT has taken a leading position in the high-end of the market where performance and reliability are essential criteria when choosing a computer," said Per Holmberg, CEO at JLT. "With Windows Embedded 8 Standard as an option we reinforce this position and meet the demanding customer requirements within segments such as mining, construction, forestry, agriculture, and ports."

The VERSO computers are available now and can be ordered from JLT resellers worldwide today. Windows Embedded 8 Standard will be an available option in june. The VERSO series is also available with Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 7 Pro today.

Additional information:
Press contact: Per Holmberg, CEO +46 (0)470 53 03 53,

About JLT Mobile Computers

JLT Mobile Computers is a leading developer of rugged mobile computers for demanding environments. These PC-type computers are developed and manufactured in Sweden for professional use and are characterized by very high reliability in the face of moisture, dust, vibration, electromagnetic fields or extreme temperature - reliability that is required for use in areas such as transportation, warehousing / logistics, forestry, mining , automation, military and rescue vehicles. JLT operates globally with sales partners, primarily in Europe and the United States, and has delivered over 80,000 PCs. JLT's turnover in 2012 was SEK 69 million. They have approximately 11 employees in Sweden. The headquarters houses the development, service and administration departments and is located in Växjö. The company was founded in 1994 and since 2002 has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX, First North, under the symbol JLT by Remium as Certified Advisor. For additional information, please visit