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JLT Announces Significant Uprating to Wireless Connectivity Across its Existing Product Range of Rugged Computers

The latest Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G RF solutions deliver ultra-high performance connectivity for rugged computers in the harshest of environments

Växjö, Sweden, 30 March 2015 * * * JLT Mobile Computers, Swedish developer and manufacturer of rugged computers for demanding environments, has announced a significant technology leap forward for its market-leading products by upgrading their wireless connectivity, giving customers immediate access to the best wireless WAN, LAN and Bluetooth performance in the rugged market.

Wireless connectivity is now arguably the primary method of communication, particularly for mobile computers. By investing in upgrading its existing product portfolio, JLT is leading the way in making rugged computing more accessible and reliable for all mobile users. Using wireless technologies in harsh environments can present end-customers with unique challenges; JLT Mobile Computers' expertise in developing robust and reliable equipment for use in exactly these environments makes it a leading solutions provider in its field. Ensuring a reliable wireless connection in working environments where most technologies would be rendered useless requires a sophisticated connectivity solution leveraging the latest technology.

By integrating support for dual-band 802.11 ac, JLT delivers dramatically faster Wi-Fi network speeds of up to 867 Mbit/s. It brings the freedom of Gigabit-Ethernet to the mobile environment, even in the harshest of working conditions. The new technology also supports more channels and therefore more clients on a network's access point. This increased bandwidth delivers even higher reliability, as well as much lower latency over the network. In short, it allows more operatives to work more efficiently in even more diverse locations.

In addition to dual-band Wireless-AC Wi-Fi, JLT has also integrated the latest Bluetooth EDR 4.0 technology, which simplifies pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled peripheral. The VERSO range has also the option to specify 4G LTE WAN connectivity with fallback capability to 3G and GSM, further increasing bandwidth and improving overall connectivity. The 4G option also includes Assisted GPS/GLONASS support.

By being the first to offer this level of reliable high-performance wireless connectivity, JLT will extend its leadership in its existing markets within warehousing, ports, manufacturing and mining, to other vertical markets that demand high reliability coupled with performance.

Smarter networking
The new Wi-Fi technology now being deployed in the JLT VERSO series and the JLT1214N logistics computers brings not only greater bandwidth but more intelligent network management, supporting bandwidth balancing that can adapt to the conditions of the network, such as demand and number of users. Furthermore, all of JLT's computers come with built-in highly sensitive Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) technology for both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio, designed specifically to deliver higher coverage in environments that offer poor RF coverage. For more challenging RF environments, such as steel cabins, the computers also support external antennas for both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio, which can be configured in the field, even after initial installation.

"The decision to upgrade not only our future products or those currently in development, but also our existing products, with the very latest in wireless connectivity is yet another display of our commitment to remaining a leader in the high-performance rugged market," said Per Holmberg, CEO, JLT Mobile Computers. "This step dramatically improves the connectivity performance and customer experience within the rugged space."

The JLT1214N, the VERSO series and the VERSO+ 10 products are available today with the new technology upgrade.

About JLT Mobile Computers
JLT Mobile Computers is a leading developer of rugged mobile computers for demanding environments. These PC-type computers are developed and manufactured in Sweden for professional use and are characterized by very high reliability in the face of moisture, dust, vibration, electromagnetic fields or extreme temperature - reliability that is required for use in areas such as transportation, warehousing / logistics, forestry, mining, automation, military and rescue vehicles. JLT operates globally with offices in Sweden and the US, complemented by a network of sales partners that provide complete solutions and local support. JLT has delivered over 90,000 PCs since its inception and the company's turnover in 2014 was SEK 72 million. The headquarters in Växjö, Sweden houses the development, service and administration departments. The company was founded in 1994 and since 2002 has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX, First North, under the symbol JLT by Remium as Certified Advisor. For additional information, please visit