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JLT Mobile Computers AB : Interim Report: January - June 2012

·        Revenues MSEK 37.8 (52.9)
·        Continued increasing margin of 27.0% for the quarter (22.4)
·        Operating profit MSEK -1.5 (-1.4)
·        Profit/loss after taxes MSEK -1.9 (-1.2)
·        Positive cash flow MSEK 6.3

Comments from the CEO

- In order to create long-term profitable growth, JLT is continuing to execute a
growth strategy consisting of three parts:
·         Streamline production and procurement
·         Strengthen sales channels
·         Supplement product offerings

- The streamlining of production and procurement in an effort to strengthen
margins is proceeding as planned. The effort continues to provide results, and
the margin increased to 27.0% in the second quarter, up from 22.4% a year ago,
and up from 24.4% the previous quarter. The goal is to reach a margin of over
30% already this year.

- The work to strengthen the sales channels also continued according to plan. An
internal reorganization has been launched during the second quarter, with the
aim to strengthen the sales organization and further increase the focus on new
sales. In addition, JLT has entered into contract with a new sales
representative in the Benelux region, who will support existing and new
customers locally. This effort is expected to provide a positive expansion of
sales and margins.

- In April, JLT supplemented its product lineup by introducing a new service
agreement as well as several added professional services, in order to increase
sales to new and existing customers. This has been favorably received.

- The unstable economic situation in Europe and the postponement of deliveries
in the U.S. have had a negative effect on incoming orders during the period.
However, incoming orders in the U.S. are expected to recover during the second
half of the year.

The low level of outstanding orders at the beginning of this quarter will result
in a weak third quarter. However, with the strengthening margin, the result for
the second half of the year is expected to be positive.

Per Holmberg, CEO

Additional information:
Per Holmberg                                           CEO
                                       0470 - 53 03 00
Stefan Käck                        Deputy CEO / CFO           0735 -
31 00 57