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VMTs and their essential role in forklift safety

In logistics operations, safety can be addressed in both the physical and digital realm. In both instances, capable on-board computing plays a key role.  Most companies when questioned about best practice will have safety well and truly embedded into an operational matrix, as opposed to treating it as a mandated bolt-on, which just adds complexity…

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JLT computers mounted on Solar’s forklifts boost warehouse operations and increase on-time delivery

This video, featuring Solar, a Danish sourcing and services company, shows how JLT’s forklift-mounted computers enable smooth warehouse operations and reduce the risk of delayed deliveries thanks to their tracking system. The combination of great network connectivity and reliable hardware and software allows operators to know from start to end, what path an item is…

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How to increase productivity in the warehouse

Guide front page: How to increase productivity in your warehouse

Productivity, increasing capacity, efficiency, improving output – whatever you call it, doing things faster is one of many demands placed on warehouses today. But how can you speed things up successfully and sustainably? One aspect that could have a positive impact is your mobile devices. Find out how they could be a barrier to productivity…

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Why rugged IT is a must for cold storage use

Cold storage warehouse rugged computers JLT Mobile Computers

Cold chain management is all about making sure the products always keep the right temperature. For operations to run smoothly in cold storage facilities, different types of IT devices are needed. But what happens to them when they’re subjected to low temperatures? In this blog post, we find out. All eyes on cold chain management…

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The real cost of an IT breakdown in a warehouse

Today’s warehouses depend on business-critical IT systems to keep goods moving through the facility. With tight deadlines and challenging targets to meet, every second really does count. So when IT breaks down, it’s a serious problem. But the cost is much more than just a broken device.   It takes time to recover There’s an…

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Volvo picks JLT to improve connectivity on forklifts

Volvo is one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world with sales in about 100 countries. Volvo Car Body Components manufactures body components (doors, hoods, tailgates, frames) for Volvo’s various car models. The factory has delivered components to Volvo since the car maker was formed in 1927 and became part of…

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Five reasons your warehouse productivity is down

Maximizing productivity is the holy grail of warehouses. When it works, the flow of goods in and out works like a well-oiled machine and targets are met. But when it malfunctions, efficiency drops and those targets become harder to reach.  There are lots of things that impact productivity, both positively and negatively. In this blogpost we’re going to look at how technology can turn from an enabler into a…

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Poor connectivity in the warehouse – the trickle-down effect

You know that moment when your cell phone loses connection and your call is dropped? You were midsentence, explaining something and the line goes dead. You have to wait until you’re back in range, call the number, start your story from the beginning and what happens? You’ve lost your flow. Lost flow in the warehouse Warehouses with poor connectivity suffer a similar problem. A forklift driver depends on constant access to vital information about where to go and what…

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How to engage your warehouse workforce to boost productivity

When you think about warehouse assets that help you increase your productivity, what comes to mind? Your inventory? Your vehicles? Your IT? These are all correct answers, but what people often forget is the important role your employees play in running an efficient and successful operation. Turn the unmotivated into the super interested As with…

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The 3 major business costs of IT failure

Computer breakdowns and downtime can have severe cost implications for all types of businesses. In some high-throughput situations such as logistics, even minor computer glitches can cause severe operational disruption that takes hours or days to put right. This is why it’s important to consider these costs carefully and invest in the right equipment, of…

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