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GMS vs. NON-GMS and other Android topics

Richard Andersen, JLT Development Engineer

Interested in the Android realm but not sure what’s best? Watch our free webinar on topics such as GMS vs. NON-GMS, learn about the new JLT6012A and why you should care, and hear the answers to some common Android questions answered directly by a JLT rugged product development engineer.

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What to consider when migrating your rugged IT to Android

Android rugged vehicle mount tablets JLT Mobile Computers

More and more companies within the industrial space are looking into the possibilities of choosing Android OS for their rugged devices. But when is it the right move to make? Let’s take a closer look at some of the main considerations before and during the process of going Android. End-of-life for Windows OS – opportunity…

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Windows versus Android – the battle of the OS

Rugged computers generally come with one of two operating systems (OS) – Windows or Android. But it’s not a case of choosing one or the other for your operation. Each has their place in a warehouse. So, what do you use when? Experience is your guide You probably use a laptop for the bulk of…

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