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JLT computers mounted on Solar’s forklifts boost warehouse operations and increase on-time delivery

This video, featuring Solar, a Danish sourcing and services company, shows how JLT’s forklift-mounted computers enable smooth warehouse operations and reduce the risk of delayed deliveries thanks to their tracking system. The combination of great network connectivity and reliable hardware and software allows operators to know from start to end, what path an item is…

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How to increase productivity in the warehouse

Guide front page: How to increase productivity in your warehouse

Productivity, increasing capacity, efficiency, improving output – whatever you call it, doing things faster is one of many demands placed on warehouses today. But how can you speed things up successfully and sustainably? One aspect that could have a positive impact is your mobile devices. Find out how they could be a barrier to productivity…

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Five reasons your warehouse productivity is down

Maximizing productivity is the holy grail of warehouses. When it works, the flow of goods in and out works like a well-oiled machine and targets are met. But when it malfunctions, efficiency drops and those targets become harder to reach.  There are lots of things that impact productivity, both positively and negatively. In this blogpost we’re going to look at how technology can turn from an enabler into a…

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The 3 major business costs of IT failure

Computer breakdowns and downtime can have severe cost implications for all types of businesses. In some high-throughput situations such as logistics, even minor computer glitches can cause severe operational disruption that takes hours or days to put right. This is why it’s important to consider these costs carefully and invest in the right equipment, of…

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