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Five reasons your warehouse productivity is down

Maximizing productivity is the holy grail of warehouses. When it works, the flow of goods in and out works like a well-oiled machine and targets are met. But when it malfunctions, efficiency drops and those targets become harder to reach.  There are lots of things that impact productivity, both positively and negatively. In this blogpost we’re going to look at how technology can turn from an enabler into a…

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Poor connectivity in the warehouse – the trickle-down effect

You know that moment when your cell phone loses connection and your call is dropped? You were midsentence, explaining something and the line goes dead. You have to wait until you’re back in range, call the number, start your story from the beginning and what happens? You’ve lost your flow. Lost flow in the warehouse Warehouses with poor connectivity suffer a similar problem. A forklift driver depends on constant access to vital information about where to go and what…

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How to engage your warehouse workforce to boost productivity

When you think about warehouse assets that help you increase your productivity, what comes to mind? Your inventory? Your vehicles? Your IT? These are all correct answers, but what people often forget is the important role your employees play in running an efficient and successful operation. Turn the unmotivated into the super interested As with…

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What to think about before you buy new rugged computers

Buying rugged computers, whether it’s your first step into digitalization or you’re upgrading your current solution, is often a big decision and a significant investment. It’s not like buying a pair of socks – you grab the first pair and you’re done. You need to plan.   I’ve been in the computer business for over…

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