Waste Management

Use JLT ruggedized computers to secure the quality of garbage collection. Our rugged computers get the job done in dirty, wet and dusty conditions.

An efficient way to secure the quality of garbage collection is to register and weigh each garbage bin. The data can also serve as statistics and makes a foundation for charging the customer. A flexible system for this kind of garbage handling requires the use of a rugged mobile computer in the garbage truck.

Optimal routes and choice of vehicles
Using the right vehicle at the right time is the key to efficient garbage collection. Mobile computers can be used by applications which tell how you should change your routes to achieve maximum productivity.

Collecting data for productivity reports
Our mobile computers are used to monitor and collect data concerning garbage weight, transportation time and to send the data to the main system.

After a few rounds, the main system generates reports and starts to measure the productivity of each vehicle. The reports generated can tell not only which vehicle is performing well or badly, but also WHY.

Specific vehicles for a particular route and accurate timing increase the productivity of each vehicle and decrease costs for fuel, maintenance, etc. Using GPS-satellite and geographic data, the system can also give driving instructions both via voice and graphical interfaces thereby minimizing the risk of incorrect routes.

Optimized tire pressure saves money and environment
Another application is tire pressure that automatically changes depending on the weight. By inflating more air when the garbage truck is full and deflating when it is empty, costs for maintenance and fuel can be decreased.

Verso Series

Waste management is another market where it is not too hard to see why ruggedness would be an important norm. Dirty, wet, dusty conditions are an accepted part of the day in the field. Tracking the carts, recording data on the routes and GPS navigation are just a few of the areas where rugged mobile computers can get the job done.

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