From freezer storage to broiling hot sun, JLT rugged computers are the reliable workhorse.

Quoting one of our customers “We are world-leading in software for warehouse management and this new generation of mobile computers is fascinating. With their unique ability to withstand every environment computers can now empower ANY warehouse vehicle. This dramatically increases the efficiency of the warehouse."

Time is very important in logistics and warehouse management making a reliable system invaluable. We offer mobile computers which can operate without failure for years in any warehouse vehicle whether indoor, outdoors or both. Our computers withstand temperature changes, cold-storage, severe vibration, dust, bumps and rain which makes them ideal for use in forklifts, trucks and information centrals.

From customer order to delivery
Using real-time information from every vehicle, entire fleets can be coordinated and the most efficient routes can be calculated and sent back to the vehicles. The entire supply chain from customer order to delivery is enhanced and automated.

No costly computer crashes and no loss of vital information
One of the most critical aspects of warehouse management computing solutions is reliability. As standard laptops or semi-rugged tablets cannot provide acceptable uptime, buying laptops or tablets for use in the forklifts might reduce the initial investment but will most likely result in net losses when one or more laptops has passed away.

JLT Warehousing
Warehouse applications call for units that can stand vibrations in a forklift, temperature fluctuation, and dust. Rugged mobile computers can help in tracking inventory and carrying PDF versions of maintenance manuals, among many other things. Devices that can stand up to the day to day rigors of fork-lifts, refrigerated warehouses, and other industrial settings, give employees key information in the palm of their hand.

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