Public Transportation

Use the JLT rugged computers for security, localization and more fun in public transportation.

Mobile computers in public transport system can be used for a number of applications which facilitates a multitude of services both for transport companies and for passengers.

Traffic information and ticketing
Traffic information and planning is an obvious application area. Drivers can receive real-time information about traffic and long-distance coaches will find out which route is the best. Extra busses and trains can easily be coordinated if there are too many passengers or if a problem occurs. An application for monitoring traffic and passengers provides data to traffic controllers planning and calculating optimal routes.

Ticket handling can be supported by a number of applications, whereby making it possible to sell many types of tickets on board. Some examples are tickets to connecting transport, ski lifts, entrance tickets and lunch coupons.

In the safety area, more efficient emergency aid at accidents can be supplied if an application in the PC immediately starts giving instructions. Emergency calls can be made instantly and the computers can send information about position, damage and other vital data to the emergency central.

By always displaying location information (where you are, the next stop etc.), the passengers are set free from a lot of stress. Information of arrival times, delays and more can continuously be displayed by use of mobile computers in the vehicle.

JLT Verso Series

Service and maintenance costs can be reduced by constantly monitoring the vehicle - engine, tires and even passengers. This makes it possible to perform preventive maintenance and service and allows conductors to see when the transport is too crowded.

 “We have to have a rugged computer that is always functional in a bus environment that has vibrations, humidity, and temperatures down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. The JLT computer is easy to install, has a large, easily read display, and complies with our own and our customers’ stringent requirements for ruggedness,” says Ørjan Knutzen, Supply Chain Manager at FARA.

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