On April 3rd to 6th 2017 JLT will be attending the ProMat trade show in Chicago, IL, US demonstrating our latest product innovations for the logistics and supply chain sector.


Some of the products that will be presented during the trade show are:

With proven reliability and the latest processor technology, the JLT1214 delivers the lowest total cost of ownership and maximizes users’ productivity for a wide variety of applications. The JLT1214P features the JLT PowerTouch technology, providing a user experience closer to consumer devices, well protected by the 0.07 inch thick, hardenend glass cover making the touch screen virtually unbreakable, while the JLT1214N has a resistive screen.

  • VERSO+ 10 - Rugged computer with logistics dock and very compact design

The VERSO+ 10 computer is the industry’s fastest rugged vehicle-mount computer and has the most compact form factor of all JLT vehicle mount computers. The new slimmed logistics cradle makes it perfect for indoor or in-cab use and optimal for logistics applications such as forklifts, picking trolleys and tight truck cabins.

Watch how the JLT PowerTouch display is operated with gloves in different materials and thicknesses and used in wet conditions in this YouTube video.

Come visit us in booth S3074 to find out more. Hope to see you there!


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Location: Chicago, IL, US
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