Mining and Drilling

In environments where only the toughest computers will survive, JLT's rugged computers are proven in the field around the world.

The harsh conditions of mining have historically prevented the use of mobile computer technology to streamline operations. But JLT's mobile computers are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand dust, moisture, temperature changes, severe vibrations and chemicals. Our products can be used in any mining vehicle or drilling machine, from draglines, dozers, graders and haulers to foremen’s vehicles. Smart vehicle coordination and efficient scheduling can be accomplished with the aid of durable computer systems.

Automated data collection and dispatching
Our computers are used to monitor all kinds of mining-related activities, from ore quality to vehicle tire wear. Real-time data and reports for each vehicle are sent to the main dispatching system. These reports can reveal the productivity of each vehicle in real-time. The use of computers close to the mining work makes it easy to instantly measure and evaluate how things are affected by changes like different routes, new vehicles and alternative dumpsites.

Minimizing the human factor
A human mistake like dumping a load of ore in the waste or, vice versa, dumping waste in the ore can ruin millions of dollars' worth of product. JLT computers are used by systems which can prevent these kinds of accidents. In conjunction with a dispatch controller, potential errors or safety related problems can be entirely avoided.

Machine guidance and control
PC applications can control and monitor the performance of all types of machinery such as drills and pumps. Drills can be controlled with millimetre precision, while constant monitoring and collection of data on machine productivity, pressure maintenance and scheduled repairs makes it possible to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and perform preventive service.

JLT Verso Series

The old days of mining are well and truly gone. Today computers are the key to making mining operations more efficient and profitable. Overall, worker safety and operational productivity are directly influenced by computer aided processes.

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