Avoid expensive climate-controlled enclosures, JLT's rugged computers deliver as-is in the harshest environments.

Manufacturing and industrial automation
PCs are unbiquitous in most industries and used to automate many tasks. For the localities where standard computers are failing in reliability as they do not survive exposure to oil, gas, vibrations, shocks, dust, or high temperatures JLT has developed rugged computers to deal with these harsh environments. We take industrial automation to the next level. Our rugged computers are resistant to most stresses that can occur in factories. These computers can be placed next to the concrete mixer, lathe, pump, electrical welding equipment, wherever automation or information is needed.

This opens up many new areas of usage. By controlling several machines through a common computer interface much time and effort can be saved. Rugged computers are ideal for surveillance of processes to prevent errors, allowing the staff to work on more complex issues.

JLT Verso Series

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