With unmatched ruggedness, performance, built-in 4G/3G and GPS, JLT rugged computers increase efficiency, decrease cost of ownership and help keep the job on track.

The payback of an investment in computerized applications for construction vehicles is in most cases remarkably short. Incorporating GPS and application software such as digital terrain models promotes enormous efficiencies in productivity, which relates to significant savings of money and time. But precision machine guidance for automated earth moving and precise construction is not an easy task. Only very rugged and tough equipment can withstand the dust, moisture, shock and vibration that come with the job.

Caterpillars, graders and
lifting cranes - any construction vehicle

JLT rugged computers can work 24 hours a day 365 days per year in all weather conditions because they are resistant to vibrations, shocks, temperature changes, electrical interference and more. Our systems are used in all forms of construction vehicles from draglines, pick-up trucks, graders, haulers, cranes, ground penetrating radar and many more.

Direct and accurate vehicle control
Project data is sent to the computer that hydraulically controls the vehicle. The equipment can be controlled vertically and horizontally with centimetre precision. Topological data is displayed conveniently on the computer with far more accuracy than paper plans and grade stakes.

Another bonus of using an on-board computer is that records and maintenance information can be kept on each vehicle.

Vibrations and shocks don’t affect the JLT computer
Tested to MILSPEC standards for vibration and shock, JLT's computers are designed for severe environmental uses. The units have been through tests for 150 000 miles of off-road driving, equal to military testing conditions.

JLT Verso Series

It is not hard to see why construction workers require rugged equipment. But what might not be so obvious is how construction workers can use rugged computers. From carrying blueprints to the field and not having to worry about wind or rain making a mess of the paper, or doing on site job calculations, to keeping track of on-site inventory, rugged mobile computers can increase efficiencies, decrease costs and help keep the job on track.

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